Texas Forensic Association

State Tournament Coordinator Job Description

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The coordinator will:

  • Attend monthly EC meetings and give status reports regularly to EC and tournament host
  • Attend the TFA State Tournament at the determined dates
  • Attend the Work Weekend prior to the TFA State Tournament with other members of the EC
  • Facilitate relationship with local chambers of commerce
  • Secure tournament hotel and hotel block
  • Arrange Breakfast of Champions with a guest speaker
  • Investigate local regulations for permits (food trucks, etc.)
  • Collect and organize financial records for the administration of the state meet
  • Collect bids for and work with to secure and deliver tournament awards and trophies
  • Communicate with non-profit organizations before/after state meet to ensure a service project that is beneficial to the hosting community
  • Arrange judge transportation (shuttles, etc.) to and from host school/hotels
  • Work an average of 5-10 hours per week on the responsibilities associated with this position (obviously, hours may increase in the months leading up to TFA State and in the summer, when attention turns to finding a host two years out

The coordinator will work with local host to:

  • Secure facility and campus needs (custodial, master keys, nurse/medical, security, parking, technology)
  • Meet with Superintendent, local school board, and stakeholders of host school/district to promote the event and solicit support)
  • Arrange meals, snacks, and beverages for tournament
  • Arrange/Select yearly charitable donation/organization
  • Arrange any necessary transportation between host venues
  • Ensure festive and welcoming atmosphere for tournament (decor)
  • Organize, arrange, and assist in the presentation of trophies at awards venue

Ideal candidates will:

  • Have 5-10 years of coaching experience in TFA
  • Have run or at least assisted in running major tournaments exceeding 50 schools
  • Have served on the TFA Executive Council
  • Be detail oriented
  • Be a professional communicator with strong networking abilities
  • Have experience with event planning
  • Have experience working with school boards, superintendents, and school administrators
  • Have the ability and flexibility in schedule to travel across Texas
  • Be aligned, philosophically, with the vision of TFA

The deadline to apply for this position is August 1st. This position will begin working on the 2021 TFA State Tournament, which is scheduled to be hosted by a member of Region 3. If you would like to apply for this position, please send the TFA President a professional resume along with a letter of intent responding to as many of the points above and your ability to satisfy the expectations. If you are granted this position, you will be compensated with $3,000 for the year in which you are designated State Tournament Coordinator by the Executive Council, plus travel (car rental, hotel, gas, airfare; excluding meals and incidentals).

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