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Texas Forensic Association

Criminal Justice

  • This House believes that rehabilitation should be prioritized over retribution in criminal sentencing.

Culture (includes Arts, Entertainment, Religion, Sports)

  • This House believes that majority ownership of professional sports teams should belong to local communities.

Economy (includes international trade)

  • This House would restrict the use of economic sanctions to responding to human rights violations.


  • This House regrets the rise of charter schools in the United States.


  • This House supports paying reparations to climate refugees.

International Relations (includes Foreign Policy, Military)

  • This House supports the addition of an African nation as a permanent member of the U.N. Security Council.


  • This House believes that social media platforms should be held responsible for content on their networks.

Science/Technology (includes health/medicine)

  • This House would prioritize asteroid mining over establishing human settlements on Mars.

Social Issues/Movements

  • This House regrets the rise of call-out culture.

Info slide: Call-out culture is a term used to describe the social trend of expressing outrage and publicly shaming people or groups who have said or done things seen as offensive, often against minorities.

Ban Motions (This House would ban X)

  • This House would ban former government officals from becoming lobbyists.