Texas Forensic Association


2020 TFA Business Meeting

Texas Forensic Association

Business Meeting Agenda
Click here to link to Google Doc Agenda

If you would like to run for one of the officer positions, contact Lillian Adeyemi lillianadeyemi@katyisd.org as soon as possible to make sure your name is on the ballot.

Elections will be held for VP, Secretary, Region Reps for 1, 3, & 5, and Congress Committee members 2 & 4.

Letter of Intent: Tim Lewis for Secretary.
Letter of Intent: Brian Alford for Congress Committee Region 4
Letter of Intent: Kim Falco for Region 5 Representative.


Submissions should be sent to TFA Secretary Victoria Beard (victoria.beard@springbranchisd.com). Amendments must be submitted using the TFA Amendment form (click here to download).

By-Laws, Standing Rules and Code of Professional Conduct amendments posted 30 days prior to convention (Wednesday, September 9, 2020) will require a simple majority to pass. Any amendments posted after that date will need a three-fourth majority to pass.

  1. Amendment to recognize top 8 Congresspersons at State Tournament. (Download as PDF)
  2. Amendment to Code of Professional Standards. (Download as PDF)

Amendments received AFTER the Wednesday, September 9, 2020 deadline.

  1. Amendment to add Standing Equity Committee. (Download as PDF)
  2. Amendment to require EC Training. (Download as PDF) (REVISED on 10/6/20)
  3. Amendment to limit EC powers. (Download as PDF)
  4. Amendment for Financial Transparency. (Download as PDF)
  5. Amendment redefining who can qualify for TFA State. (Download as PDF)
  6. Amendment on the Recording of Rounds. (Download as PDF)
  7. Amendment to disallow competition in multiple tournaments on a single day. (Download as PDF)
  8. Amendment to establish standing World Schools Committee. (Download as PDF)
  9. Amendment regarding acceptable interp material. (Download as PDF)

Constitution Committee Revisions (Download as PDF)(Download as DOCX)
Constitution Committee Amendments (Download as PDF)(Download as DOCX)
Constitution Committee Amendments (Fri Oct 9 @ 11:05pm)
Link to Google Doc

TFA State Tab Committee Recommendations
(Link to Google Doc)