Texas Forensic Association


TFA Business Meeting

Texas Forensic Association

We will be holding elections for President, Treasurer, Region 2 Rep, and Region 4 Rep. If you would like to run for one of these offices, contact Noah Recker noah.recker@lvisd.org as soon as possible to make sure your name is on the ballot.

Additionally, we will be voting on proposed legislation. As amendments are received, they will be posted below for your review. The 14 day deadline for amendments is Sept 21. These need to be emailed to Victoria Beard at victoria.beard@springbranchisd.com


  1. Amendment to require three-fourths majority to add qualifying events. (Download as PDF)
  2. Amendment to reduce email ballots. (Download as PDF)
  3. Amendment to elect Congress Committee members. (Download as PDF)
  4. Amendment to limit state entries. (Download as PDF)
  5. Amendment to change required times for Congress. (Download as PDF)
  6. Amendment to change Interp Publication Requirements. (Download as PDF)
  7. Amendment to replace MPJ with Strike System. (Download as PDF)
  8. Amendment to replace add World School Debate. (Download as PDF)
  9. Amendment regarding required debate out rounds at state. (Download as PDF)
    Amendment #9 with clarifications (Download as PDF)
  10. Amendment regarding mail ballots. (Download as PDF)
  11. Amendment regarding internet use in extemp. (Download as PDF)
  12. Amendment regarding adding IQT events. (Download as PDF)
  13. Amendment regarding state congress finals. (Download as PDF)