Texas Forensic Association


2018 TFA Business Meeting

Texas Forensic Association

If you would like to run for one of the officer positions, contact Seth Pietsek seth.pietsek@abileneisd.org as soon as possible to make sure your name is on the ballot.

Raul Ruiz will be running for the office of Vice President. John Mast will be running for re-electction (Vice President). Nicole Cornish will also be running for the office of Vice President. [Result: John Mast won the election]

Vicky Beard will be running for re-election (Secretary). [Result: Vicky Beard remains in office]

We will be voting on proposed legislation. As amendments are received, they will be posted below for your review. The 14 day deadline for amendments is Sept 20. These need to be emailed to Victoria Beard at victoria.beard@springbranchisd.com


  1. Amendment regarding Swing Tournaments. (Download as PDF)  WITHDRAWN
  2. Amendment regarding Internet in Extemp. (Download as PDF)  PASSED 102-24-1
  3. Amendment regarding seeding prelim debate rounds (State Tournament). (Download as PDF)  FAILED 7-110-1
  4. Amendment regarding internet access in Extemp Draw. (Download as PDF)  RESCINDED
  5. Amendment regarding Middle School Entries. (Download as PDF)  FAILED 22-92-5
  6. Amendment regarding Community Performance Standards. (Download as PDF)  FAILED 12-94-3
  7. Amendment regarding Removing Senate. (Download as PDF)  PASSED 70-50-2 (effective 2019-20)
  8. Amendment regarding State Congress Judges. (Download as PDF)  FAILED 7-93-2
  9. Amendment regarding Tournament Limits. (Download as PDF)  PASSED 134-8
  10. Amendment regarding Congress legislation. (Download as PDF)  PASSED 113-1
  11. Amendment regarding IQT debate format (4 round option). (Download as PDF)  FAILED 46-55-10
  12. Amendment regarding 12 point qualifications. (Download as PDF)  WITHDRAWN
  13. A proposal to create a Judge Training Program. (Download as PDF)  SENT TO COMMITTEE
  14. A proposal regarding ADA Compliance. (Download as PDF)  SENT TO COMMITTEE
  15. Amendment condemning harassment. (Download as PDF)  PASSED 113-0-0
  16. Amendment to establish consistent state schedule. (Download as PDF)  FAILED 48-68-8
  17. Directive to the Executive Council. (Download as PDF)  NOT VOTABLE
  18. Amendment to add a State Tournament Coordinator. (Download as PDF)  PASSED 78-16-3
  19. Amendment Regarding MPJ at the State Tournament. (Download as PDF)  RESCINDED
  20. Amendment requiring payment to schools for IQT tournaments for state eligibilty. (Download as PDF)  PASSED 125-5
  21. Amendment regarding Social Media Correspondent. (Download as PDF)   FAILED 51-31-17

Previously passed amendment regarding Student Conduct. (Download as PDF)


The same committee that brought the concept of WSD to us at convention worked throughout the summer to think through the structure that we voted on and they recommend we tweak a few areas. The EC decided at the retreat that, while the recommendations are well thought out, we wanted you to have the opportunity to take note of what we currently have in place and compare it to the thoughts the committee is presenting to us to vote on at convention. (Download as DOCX). (Updated 9-14-18)



11. Minimum IQT requirements and qualification numbers for World Schools Debate in the 2018-19 school year: the minimum number of WS entries for an IQT to award qualification points would be 6 teams. IQTs must offer a minimum of 3 preliminary rounds (one being an impromptu motion) with the following required elimination rounds:

*6-9 teams - minimum break - finals (1st place - 6 points, 2nd place - 4 points)
*10-24 teams - minimum break - semis (1st - 6, 2nd - 4, semis - 2)
*25-48 teams - minimum break - quarters (1st - 8, 2nd - 8, semis - 6, quarters - 4)
*49-99 teams - minimum break - octofinals (1st - 8, 2nd - 8, semis - 6, quarters - 4, octos - 2